Breaking All Barriers 016

  • Viviana: The records we found in Mithra were incomplete. But we believe that each teleportation cube can be used any number of times to create a two-way portal to the Shadowkeep.
  • Viviana: We started to use them regularly when Arty figured out how to make the portals undetectable six years ago.
  • Viviana: It takes a while to properly set up a portal. Arty can do it in an hour, but Eike still needs a whole day.
  • Viviana: However, two years ago, Eike discovered that each cube can be broken up into 27 cubelets.
  • Viviana: The cubelets can be used only once, but they’re also much easier to handle. We’ve used eleven of them so far.
  • Viviana: As far as we know, Mithra’s wizard guild created five cubes. We found four of them.
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