Breaking All Barriers 017

  • Ilias: Feels strange… like vibrating velvet.
  • Viviana: If you close your eyes and concentrate, you can feel how the Bluestream becomes a roaring maelstrom inside the cube.
  • Ilias: Impressive.
  • Ilias: Why don’t we use a portal to go to Greendew?
  • Viviana: Portals don’t last long in Greendew. The turbulences in the Bluestream caused by the Great Tree make them unstable.
  • Ilias: I plan to apply as inspector to the city guard once we’re in Greendew. What do you think?
  • Viviana: For that matter, I had something else in mind for you…
  • Ilias: What exactly?
  • Viviana: Uhm…… … let’s talk about that later.
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