Breaking All Barriers 020

  • Ilias: Really…? Did she tell you?
  • Lilith: No. But I’ll eat my staff if she doesn’t… You should see how she always looks at you when you’re looking away.
  • Ilias: Wow, a few weeks ago she put me into a dunghill, and now…
  • Lilith: What about you? Do you like her?
  • Ilias: Sure. She’s clever… and pretty.
  • Lilith: Just think about it! She’s a queen, a real queen! And not because she’s someone’s daughter, but because she earned it!
  • Lilith: And I couldn’t think of a better man for her than you.
  • Ilias: Th– thank you.
  • Lilith: If you want to treat her, she likes marguerites.
  • Ilias: I’ll… keep that in mind.
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