Breaking All Barriers 026

  • Lilith: … and then we headed off to Oakdale.
  • Tibor Caillean: We’re forever in your debt, Your Majesty.
  • Sandril: Did you receive the letter Faye sent you by carrier dragon?
  • Tibor Caillean: No.
  • Marisa Caillean: We wanted to see you in prison, but they didn’t let us go.
  • Lilith: Why not?
  • Marisa Caillean: They didn’t say.
  • Lilith: Hmm… strange. But I wasn’t allowed any visitors anyway.
  • Lilith: How’s Dyson? Did the National Museum accept his application?
  • Marisa Caillean: ……
  • Lilith: He’s all right, isn’t he?
  • Marisa Caillean: … We don’t know.
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