Breaking All Barriers 027

  • Lilith: Why?? What happened?
  • Marisa Caillean: He disappeared, without leaving a single trace. And believe me, we’ve looked everywhere!
  • Tibor Caillean: We saw him last on 11 Lifespring when we were having breakfast together.
  • Lilith: Two days after my trial…
  • Marisa Caillean: Two days later, two guards came to take care of the matter.
  • Tibor Caillean: We didn’t trust them at first. But they did a good job.
  • Marisa Caillean: They questioned all the villagers and turned the whole house upside down.
  • Tibor Caillean: Yet they found absolutely nothing.
  • Marisa Caillean: Maybe a hellhound snagged him…
  • Lilith: Don’t cry, mom. I’m sure Dyson is still alive.
  • Lilith: I’m going to find him!
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