Breaking All Barriers 028

  • Lilith: Why do all these horrible things happen to me?
  • Ilias: Now what?
  • Sandril: Lili, do you want to stay in Oakdale to search for Dyson?
  • Viviana: That’s not a good idea. It isn’t safe to go our separate ways until Ileasaar is independent. Besides, I need Lili in Greendew.
  • Sandril: It’s still up to Lili to decide whether it’s a good or bad idea!
  • Viviana: Well, excuse me for bringing forward some rational arguments!
  • Sandril: What do you think?
  • Lilith: I’d like to take a look around first, if possible…
  • Lilith: At least today and tomorrow.
  • Viviana: All right, if need be.
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