Breaking All Barriers 049

Breaking All Barriers 049

We have started a Patreon campaign for Gaia.

It’d be cool if some of you could support us this way to make up for the falling advertising revenues. You’ll also get some nice rewards in return.

Unfortunately, there’ll be only one update this week since I had to spend so much time on preparing the campaign over the course of the last weeks.

  • Viviana: I don’t want to stay in Oakdale! I want to go to Greendew!
  • Lilith: I’ll try dispelling the barrier again this afternoon.
  • Viviana: And what if that doesn’t work out?
  • Lilith: Then we have a problem.
  • Viviana: Can’t you cast a flight spell on us?
  • Lilith: Do you really believe we’ll be able to simply fly over the maze?
  • Viviana: Well, … no, not really.
  • Lilith: We need to find out what’s going on in Oakdale and what happened to my brother. And for that, I have to…
  • Lilith: … break all barriers!
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