Breaking All Barriers 051

  • Ilias: Wow, Vivi, you’re looking great again!
  • Viviana: Thank you.
  • Ilias: Do you want to rest a little longer?
  • Viviana: No, not necessary.
  • Viviana: By the way, where shall we sleep? Here in the house?
  • Ilias: No, in Oakdale’s guest house. It’s got separate rooms for all of us.
  • Ilias: Lili’ll leave in a moment to check out the maze. In the meantime, I’ll ask around in the village. Would you like to join me?
  • Viviana: Sure.
  • Viviana: Shall I introduce myself to the villagers?
  • Ilias: No. Just say you’re a friend of Lili’s.
  • Viviana: Why?
  • Ilias: People rarely speak their minds when talking to a queen.
  • Ilias: If need be, you can always reveal yourself later.
  • Viviana: All right.
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