Breaking All Barriers 052

  • Viviana: Can you tell me a bit about Dyson?
  • Lilith: Sure.
  • Lilith: He’s a pretty good archer. But he didn’t pass the entry test for the Academy.
  • Lilith: However, he never gave me the impression of being jealous. Rather, he seemed to be… proud.
  • Lilith: He can also cast a few spells of the second level. Dancing Lights, Energy Balls, stuff like that.
  • Lilith: Of course my parents want him to take over the farm someday. But I don’t believe he’d be happy living as a farmer.
  • Lilith: The last time I saw him, he was talking about joining the National Museum’s group of adventurers and archaeologists.
  • Ilias: Do you think he’d have been accepted?
  • Lilith: Hmm… yes, I think so.
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