Breaking All Barriers 056

  • Ilias: We’re good friends of Lili’s and we’d like to ask you a few questions about Dyson.
  • Gale Bruadair: Go ahead.
  • Ilias: Did you see Dyson on the day he disappeared?
  • Gale Bruadair: No, nor in the whole week before.
  • Ilias: Have any strangers come to Oakdale in the last few months who appeared suspicious?
  • Gale Bruadair: Hmm… well,… no, nobody.
  • Viviana: Quite a lot of shoes…
  • Gale Bruadair: Yes, I planned to sell them at Brooke’s market last month. But then this… thing happened and I wasn’t able to go.
  • Viviana: “This thing?”
  • Gale Bruadair: Uhh, yes. But I can’t remember what exactly it was. So I guess it wasn’t that important. If the weather is good, I’ll give it another try next Freeday.
  • Ilias: Strange…
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