Breaking All Barriers 057

Better late than never, the new Gaia page. This one turned out a little more wordy than I wanted, but Powree didn’t understand the initial version of the dialog at all.

  • Ilias: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.
  • Gale Bruadair: No problem.
  • Ilias: Too bad Gale couldn’t remember what kept him from going to Brooke last–
  • Ilias: Vivi…? What’s the matter?
  • Viviana: … I suddenly got the feeling that something terrible has just happened.
  • Ilias: To whom? Lili?
  • Viviana: No, not to Lili. But to someone I know.
  • Viviana: What time is it?
  • Ilias: Just after two.
  • Viviana: Today at two o’clock, a couple of Shadowdancers wanted to return the stolen goods in one of Aracona’s storehouses. Something must have happened there!
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