Breaking All Barriers 059

The Webcomic Hunger Games are in full swing:

  • Sandril: That’s not very specific.
  • Lilith: I don’t understand how exactly the spell works. It must be at least ten times more powerful than any other maze spell ever cast.
  • Lilith: However, I’m almost sure of one thing…
  • Sandril: Which is?
  • Lilith: An elf cast it.
  • Sandril: An elf??
  • Lilith: Yes.
  • Lilith: The swirls of the Bluestream close to the border are typical for elvish high magic. I know of no human or dragon who’s cast a spell this way in the last thousand years.
  • Sandril: An elf who’s capable of creating such a maze probably had no problems getting past the Mythal.
  • Lilith: Correct.
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