Breaking All Barriers 060

The Webcomic Hunger Games are in full swing:

  • Sign: Zev Layh BLACKSMITH
  • Amos Layh: Greetings! I’m Amos, Zev’s son.
  • Ryn: Hello, Amos.
  • Amos Layh: Do you want to buy a new sword?
  • Ryn: Not right now. We’re friends of Lilith’s and would like to help her find out what happened to her brother.
  • Amos Layh: Oh. That’s very nice of you.
  • Alissa: Tell me, Amos, have you noticed anything unusual in the last few weeks?
  • Amos Layh: Hmm, something happened four weeks ago, but I can’t remember what it was.
  • Alissa: Four weeks ago, you say? Can’t you remember anything at all?
  • Amos Layh: Ahhh, I’m wracking my brain, but it’s just not crossing my mind. I think something was burning, but–
  • Zev Layh: What are you doing there, son? Are you scaring our customers away again?
  • Amos Layh: No, dad. I just wanted to help.
  • Zev Layh: Yeah, you always say that. And we all know how well it turns out in the end!
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