Breaking All Barriers 061

  • Zev Layh: Now go help your mother in the kitchen!
  • Amos Layh: Yes, dad…
  • Zev Layh: What can I do for you?
  • Ryn: We’d just like to know if you noticed anything inexplicable during the last few weeks.
  • Zev Layh: No. The only inexplicable thing in Oakdale is the mental state of our mayor’s maid Neeja. That much stupidity in one place is certainly not normal.
  • Zev Layh: Anything else?
  • Ryn: For now, nothing. But thank you.
  • Ryn: We have to talk to Amos again later. He’s been the only one so far who seems to know something.
  • Alissa: Yes. But a fire? What could a fire have to do with Dyson’s disappearance?
  • Ryn: Beats me.
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