Breaking All Barriers 065

  • Ilias: Something must have happened in Oakdale four weeks ago, beyond the creation of the maze.
  • Alissa: I’ll try to have another talk with Amos tomorrow. If anyone’s able to remember what happened, it’ll be him.
  • Viviana: The whole city of Greendew might be ablaze right now, and we can do nothing about it.
  • Ilias: The Dragon Council would never allow someone to inflict a massacre in the shadow of the Great Tree.
  • Viviana: What could they possibly do to defeat the creator of this maze?
  • Lilith: A lot. The breath of six elder dragons is hot enough to destroy any kind of matter.
  • Ilias: Abraxas was destroyed that way. This wizard can’t possibly be stronger than one of the six archdevils!
  • Viviana:
  • Viviana: … You really think the dragons would fight on our side?
  • Ilias: For sure!
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