Breaking All Barriers 073

  • Viviana: I had an interesting dream last night.
  • Lilith: Me too. But I can only remember talking to an old hag about something.
  • Viviana: I was in this huge throne room, and King Savos of Midgard was talking to San de Vertis. It felt so real, like it really happened.
  • Viviana: Ever heard of a place called “Vis”?
  • Lilith: Yes. It’s a mythical place inside Gaia. A few wizards have written treatises about it.
  • Lilith: But the descriptions vary so widely that it’s unclear if they’re even talking about the same place.
  • Viviana: Maybe the door in the Shadowkeep is the gateway to Vis.
  • Lilith: That’d be the most incredible discovery in the last 1478 years.
  • Viviana: I’d give my rainbow knife to be able to talk to San about all of this.
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