Breaking All Barriers 074

  • Viviana: The Shadowkeep may well be Isaac’s “Crystal Fortress”. Are you sure that you’ve never read anything about it?
  • Lilith: Yes, I am. But there must be thousands of books about the history of magic that I haven’t read yet.
  • Lilith: Maybe Nicodemus has a book on old magical symbols on sale.
  • Ryn: Oakdale’s book seller? That seems highly unlikely.
  • Lilith: Not as unlikely as you’d think. He’s frequently supplied the Academy with rare books from Midgard.
  • Lilith: If there’s nothing more important to do, I’ll check out what he’s got on sale.
  • Ilias: I’ll come along.
  • Sandril: Do that. In the meantime, Ryn and I will look around in the north of Oakdale.
  • Alissa: And we’ll have another talk with the blacksmith’s son.
  • Lilith: Fine.
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