Breaking All Barriers 078

  • Lilith: The book contains detailed instructions for breaking the most powerful magical shields, including some based on red magic.
  • Lilith: Trying to break any of these shields without proper instructions would be very much the same as running through a dense forest with your eyes closed.
  • Lilith: Those who knew of the book’s existence assumed that Isaac took it to Ysdar after the Darkness. But here it is.
  • Viviana: How powerful are these spells exactly?
  • Lilith: Well, an archmage like our old director Hel is able to learn a few spells of the eighth level in his life.
  • Lilith: The Mythal around Ysdar is believed to be some kind of inverted kaleidoscope shield, a spell of the ninth level.
  • Lilith: There’s a “10” after the last four spells listed in the table of contents.
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