Breaking All Barriers 079

Aeris lives!

  • Viviana: And that’s the end of the scale?
  • Lilith: Not necessarily. But for casting a spell of the eleventh level, a wizard would have to activate more than half of the whole magic potential of Gaia.
  • Lilith: You’d–
  • Lilith: Get away from that!
  • Ryn: Hey!
  • Ryn: I didn’t even touch it!
  • Lilith: That doesn’t matter! Just looking at these spells is extremely dangerous for someone like you!
  • Ryn: For someone like me?!
  • Lilith: Yes. This book will corrode the mind of any reader who’s not properly prepared. And you certainly aren’t!
  • Ryn: You think?
  • Lilith: The chapters in this book are spells themselves. Dangerous spells!
  • Viviana: Can you read it safely?
  • Lilith: Only some parts of it.
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