Breaking All Barriers 083

  • Ilias: If you were actually able to learn all these spells, wouldn’t that drastically increase your chances of breaking down the maze around Oakdale?
  • Lilith: Probably.
  • Lilith: But if I tried it before that wizard has what he wants, the consequences could be dire.
  • Alissa: But what does he want?!
  • Lilith: I’m sure he wants me to break a magic shield of some sort.
  • Alissa: Why doesn’t he simply learn the spell himself if he’s that powerful?
  • Lilith: Maybe two wizards are needed to break his barrier… There are many possibilities.
  • Sandril: If he’s really an elf, it’s probably not the Mythal.
  • Lilith: True. But what else could it be?
  • Viviana: The door in the Shadowkeep?
  • Ilias: A barrier in the Forbidden Corridor?
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