Breaking All Barriers 084

Update: Several readers have confused a motion line on the door in the panel with the recording robot with a symbol. Therefore I removed the motion line.

  • Lilith: The Forbidden Corridor? Now that’s an interesting suggestion.
  • Ryn: Uhh, could someone please jog my memory? It’s been a while since we talked about it in history class.
  • Ilias: The Forbidden Corridor is a hallway deep inside the tremendous Thunderbolt Stronghold, the former royal residence of the dwarves in Santhilia.
  • Ilias: It’s believed that it leads to a room that houses the third shard of the Tear of Gaia. But nobody knows for sure, because nobody who’s ever entered the corridor has been seen again.
  • Ilias: The door to the corridor stays open for just a few seconds and then can’t be opened again for a whole day.
  • Ilias: Several adventurers have tried throwing recording devices into the corridor…
  • Ilias: … But they were all destroyed immediately after the door had closed again.
  • Ryn: That doesn’t sound good. Not good at all…
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