Breaking All Barriers 090

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  • Alissa: Lili, there you are, at last! We were starting to worry about you.
  • Lilith: Sorry, but I was completely captivated by Isaac’s book.
  • Lilith: The chapter on Blueshift spells was extremely interesting, even though I haven’t completely understood most of it yet.
  • Lilith: I also calculated that the blast of energy would only have knocked out a few of your teeth.
  • Alissa: That’s… … good to hear.
  • Lilith: Have you told my parents about the barrier?
  • Alissa: Yes. We also talked with the smith’s son again, but he couldn’t remember anything.
  • Lilith: On the way home, I saw my mom coming out of Silas’ house.
  • Alissa: Really?
  • Lilith: Yes. And then Silas walked through some sort of portal!
  • Alissa: We have to investigate Silas tomorrow!
  • Lilith: Yes. But before that, I’m going to talk to mom.
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