Breaking All Barriers 091

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  • Lilith: Mom?
  • Marisa Caillean: Oh, thank Gaia, you’re back!
  • Lilith: You visited Silas Audin this evening?
  • Marisa Caillean: Ah, yes. Your dad was with me, but he left a little earlier. We visit Silas about once per month to play some games.
  • Lilith: I had a rather unpleasant encounter with him yesterday.
  • Lilith: You had? That’s strange. He seems to be such a sweet and funny guy.
  • Lilith: I didn’t get that impression. I also saw him walking through a portal in his house.
  • Marisa Caillean: You must be mistaken. Silas is a simple watchmaker, not a wizard.
  • Marisa Caillean: Besides, you really shouldn’t peek through other people’s windows. That’s bad manners.
  • Lilith: If you say so…
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