Breaking All Barriers 099

I have posted the first batch of submissions I received for this year’s artwork contest!

  • Ilias: Who are you working for?
  • Silas Audin:
  • Silas Audin: His name’s Eldor! He’s the leader of the Disciples of the Two Heavens.
  • Ilias: What does Eldor want from Lilith?
  • Silas Audin: He wants her to read Isaac’s book and to learn some of the spells in it.
  • Ilias: We already know that. But why?!
  • Silas Audin: I don’t know, I swear!
  • Ilias: Why has he confined us in Oakdale?
  • Silas Audin: He said it would provide perfect conditions for the task.
  • Ilias: Why?!
  • Silas Audin: I don’t know! Maybe he manipulated the Bluestream to make learning new spells easier.
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