Breaking All Barriers 100

I have posted the submissions that reached a place between position 11 and 25 of this year’s artwork contest.

  • Viviana: How many members does this cult have?
  • Silas Audin: A couple hundred.
  • Viviana: What kind of people?
  • Silas Audin: Cutters, young wizards, primarily.
  • Viviana: What’s the goal of the cult?
  • Silas Audin: Unifying the Bluestream and Redstream to create a spell that grants immortality.
  • Ilias: Is the cult responsible for the Red Hall massacre?
  • Silas Audin: Yes. Eldor called Hel and the Academy the biggest threat to our organization.
  • Ilias: What did Hel know about the plans of the cult?
  • Silas Audin: I don’t know. The operation was carried out by disciples from Midgard.
  • Ilias: Why Lilith of all people?
  • Silas Audin: Eldor only said that she has special powers.
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