Breaking All Barriers 102

  • Ilias: Answer my question!
  • Silas Audin: If I tell you that, Eldor will certainly kill me.
  • Ilias: Eldor’s not here!
  • Silas Audin: That doesn’t matter. He’ll figure it out. He figures out everything.
  • Viviana: What happened to me in the forest?
  • Silas Audin: Something happened to you in the forest?
  • Viviana: Where are Salacea and the other members of the Shadowdancers now?
  • Silas Audin: The people who accompanied you? I don’t think Eldor did anything to them.
  • Viviana: What happened in Aracona the day before yesterday when the Shadowdancers wanted to return the stolen goods?
  • Silas Audin: Huh?
  • Viviana: Where does the portal next to the bookshelf lead?
  • Silas Audin: How do you know–?
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