Breaking All Barriers 106

I hope you like this page, because it took ages until everything looked exactly right. For example, the first sketch for this page had to be completely redrawn by Powree, every single panel. And I spent several hours on the last finishing touches of the artwork as well.

  • Eldor Olenvis: You idiot! You’ve told them much more than they needed to know!
  • Silas Audin: They threatened to kill me!
  • Eldor Olenvis: Moron! A principled man like Ilias would never kill an unarmed man!
  • Silas Audin: If you saw everything, why didn’t you stop them?
  • Eldor Olenvis: At least I know now where I stand with you. You haven’t told them anything important any–
  • Eldor Olenvis: Wha–
  • Viviana: Almost!
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