Breaking All Barriers 108

  • Viviana: I must have scratched Eldor before he teleported away.
  • Viviana: It was incredible how you dispersed Eldor’s protections spells without him noticing.
  • Lilith: Too bad that his teleportation shield was hidden too well.
  • Lilith: Anyway, it was foolish of him to rely on two simple entangled wave shields apart from it.
  • Alissa: It’s funny how you’re calling entangled wave shields “simple”.
  • Viviana: … I don’t feel very well.
  • Ilias: Why? Are you injured?
  • Viviana: No, it’s just that I… almost killed two men a minute ago.
  • Ilias: Two men who captured us, tortured us and killed our friends!
  • Lilith: You did the right thing, Vivi. If those with a shining heart hadn’t learnt to fight, all beauty in this world would’ve died a long time ago.
  • Sandril: Well said, Lili.
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