Breaking All Barriers 113

  • Malva: I don’t think that’s true. Most creatures are righteous and kind.
  • Viviana: Most, but far from all. Why did Gaia create such an imperfect world, full of betrayers and murderers?
  • Malva: Because she wanted to create a world, not a dollhouse.
  • Viviana: A dollhouse?
  • Malva: In a “perfect” world, there’d be no room for choice, no room for change. We’d all be nothing more than shadows of Gaia’s will.
  • Malva: Perfection cannot possibly exist in a world populated by creatures with a free will, since a single wrong decision may result in harm to many.
  • Malva: The suffering caused by wrong decisions is the price we have to pay for living in a world that’s full of new wonders every day.
  • Malva: Besides, if there wasn’t a fire burning in our soul, how could we have ever survived Bhaal’s onslaught during the Darkness?
  • Viviana: My friend Lilith said something similar.
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