Breaking All Barriers 116

I have posted 4 new polls that appear randomly in the voting widget in the right sidebar:

  • What fantasy character class do you like to play the most?
  • What’s your favorite medium for serious storytelling?
  • Do you read more or fewer webcomics compared to 5 years ago?
  • To our American readers: Who would you vote for?
  • Kali: The touched one’s now at Dyson’s cave.
  • Eldor Olenvis: Good.
  • Elven engineer: This is the guy who manipulated the control system.
  • Eldor Olenvis: Are you sure?
  • Elven engineer: Yes, a recording crystal captured it all.
  • Elven mechanic: You’ll never succeed, Eldor! There are too many of us!
  • Elven mechanic: Your father would spit on you if he could see you!
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