Breaking All Barriers 117

We have now already published as many pages this year, 84, as in the whole year of 2013!

  • Caption: In the evening.
  • Viviana: What do you think of my escape plan?
  • Ilias: It’s a good start. But now we have to work on the hundred things that could go wrong.
  • Viviana: I can’t believe that Lili almost broke the first barrier today.
  • Ilias: Yeah, that was exceptional… even for her.
  • Viviana: If Lili keeps up the pace, we may even have to ask her to slow down until our plan’s ready.
  • Ilias: She probably won’t like to hear that. You know how wizards are when they’re hooked on a spell they want to learn…
  • Viviana: Good night, Ilias.
  • Ilias: Sleep well.
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