Breaking All Barriers 126

I posted the first webcomic review, written by Elena Cordero, of the fantasy comic Fey Winds.

  • Viviana: Would you like to be my boyfriend?
  • Ilias: Haha, you’re so cute, Vivi. Of course I want to.
  • Viviana: I’m not “cute”, Ilias, …
  • Viviana: … I’m a mighty warrior queen!
  • Ilias: I very much apologize for my unseemly words, your cuteness!
  • Ilias: When’s your birthday, by the way? I was told that there’s nothing worse than forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday.
  • Viviana: I turn twenty on Iceclaw 2nd.
  • Ilias: Oh, you’re exactly one day older than Lili.
  • Viviana: New Year’s Day, my birthday, then Lili’s birthday. Now that’s gonna be some festival week each year in Greendew!
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