The evolution of Viviana and the Shadowdancers

When Gaia was developed as a campaign for the PC game Neverwinter Nights 2, important parts of the story were completely different. The role of Viviana and the Shadowdancers has probably changed the most with respect to the already published chapters:

  1. Viviana was a regular member of the Shadowdancers who only joined the group of heroes right before the jailbreak.
  2. In the subsequent chapters, Viviana was the least important member of the group. She had the fewest appearances and practically no impact on the overall story.
  3. There were no romantic feelings between her and Ilias at all.
  4. The Shadowdancers were a classical thieves’ guild led by a shady middle-aged guy as you’d expect it from a D&D campaign. Their members were in general much less likable.
  5. It took the heroes much longer to convince the Shadowdancers of helping them. Ilias & Co. had to carry out several dangerous quests for the Shadowdancers. I still really like some of the quests, but the pace of the story would have become way too slow with more than just the short party quest.
  6. The party quest was written by my mother, by the way. Just like a huge part of the rest of the original story. However, almost none of the lines written for the game have ended up in the comic since it would have become way too wordy otherwise.
  7. The heroes’ contact person at the Shadowdancers was an apt female thief named Jael Nightingale who did not appear in later chapters. Viviana in the comic is like a mixture of Viviana and Jael Nightingale in the game. That’s the main reason why I’ve chosen Jael as Viviana’s given name.
  8. The country of Ileasaar did not exist in any shape or form in the game, not even in such things as item descriptions.
  9. Instead, there was a criminal rebel group in Aracona which played an important role as antagonists of the Shadowdancers.
  10. There is a reason why Viviana has these visions and it will be (partially) revealed in this chapter… dun duun duuuun. 😉

I think that Viviana has become a much better character in the comic than she was in the game and I’m proud of the result of her transformation.

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