Breaking All Barriers 133

  • Clerk: Good day, mister. What can I do for you?
  • Ryn: Is it true that the municipal archive houses past editions of the Brooke Tribune?
  • Clerk: Yes, this is correct. Which edition are you interested in?
  • Ryn: I’m not sure yet. I have to get an overview first.
  • Clerk: I’m sorry, but the archive may only be accessed by employees of–
  • Ryn: Is this enough as payment?
  • Clerk: Is this a genuine eternal fire crystal?
  • Ryn: Yup.
  • Clerk: Please follow me. I’ll unlock the archive for you right away.
  • Sign: Authorized personnel only!
  • Clerk: You’re one of Lilith’s friends, right? How is she?
  • Ryn: She’s fine.
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