Breaking All Barriers 135

I posted our second webcomic review of Chirault, written by Robert Howard.

  • Caption: In the evening.
  • Viviana: What do you think of my plan so far?
  • Ilias: I don’t know… I haven’t even finished reading the first sentence.
  • Viviana: Haha, yes, it takes a bit of practice before you’re able to decipher the code in your head.
  • Ilias: True. For the last word I only needed, like, a minute.
  • Viviana: When I first saw you in that bar in Aracona,…
  • Viviana: … I couldn’t believe how such a handsome guy could say such nasty things about the Shadowdancers.
  • Viviana: I was so damn mad at you!
  • Viviana: But I knew that I had to see you again.
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