Breaking All Barriers 139

This is one of my most favorite Gaia pages so far. Not everything has to be super serious all the time, at least not considering what’s yet to come…

  • Ryn: Have you already heard about the latest rage in interior design, Vivi? Sound-proof walls!
  • Alissa: My father will surely be able to make you an attractive offer for the refurbishment of Greendew castle!
  • Viviana: Lalalalala. I can’t h-e-e-e-a-r you!
  • Alissa: Well, I, for one, am happy that our queen is so well read and possesses such a large vocabulary.
  • Viviana: Did you know that making fun of the Queen of Ileasaar is punishable by death?
  • Alissa: I wrote down a couple of words whose meaning is not yet known to me. Would you please be so kind and– Hey, don’t run away!
  • Viviana: AAAAAAH!!
  • Sound effect: BONK
  • Caption: The sound of the Queen of Ileasaar running against a wall.
  • Viviana: Ouch.
  • Alissa: HA HA HA
  • Ryn: You lucky bastard.
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