Breaking All Barriers 146

  • Ilias: Nine months… before!
  • Viviana: Boy, that’s really creepy.
  • Ilias: Everything in Oakdale is creepy.
  • Viviana: So, something happened nine months ago.
  • Ilias: “Before”, not “ago”.
  • Viviana: Before what? Our arrival in Oakdale? The jailbreak? The Red Hall attack? The Building of the Mythal?
  • Ilias: Beats me.
  • Viviana: This is frustrating. Every day new questions, and no answers.
  • Viviana: You know what?
  • Ilias: Hmm?
  • Viviana: I really long for the thick, sound-proof walls of Greendew castle!
  • Ilias: Haha.
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