Breaking All Barriers 155

Sorry for posting so late, but I had to spent a couple of hours to get the look of the Spirit Source in the last panel exactly right.

The next page will be a very special one and much larger than a normal page. Therefore I can’t make promises yet if it will be ready on Friday.

  • Viviana: Well, my parents had been working for the Greendew Evening Standard for a year or two by then. But they rarely left Bluebluff at that point in their career.
  • Ilias: Around Greenbring 1st, 1456…
  • Viviana: Ah, yes, they were surely visiting Greendew’s 5000th Spring Festival.
  • Viviana: By all accounts, it was a wild week. Young couples from all of Gaia came to Greendew to honeymoon beneath the Great Tree.
  • Viviana: They came from Heyselfall, Aracona, Midgard, Crystalos, Osterath, Aurelia, and a few certainly even from…
  • Viviana: … Oakdale!
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