Monster 002

I fixed a mistake in the last panel where the soldier addressed Ryn by the wrong family name. I used “Udile” by mistake which was Ryn’s initial family name in the concept stage of the comic before I changed it to “Gwalch”.

  • Male soldier: Hey, what are you two doing–
  • Male soldier: –here?
  • Alissa: Ryn, why did Lili–?
  • Ryn: Shh, they can hear us.
  • Alissa: Why did Lili teleport us to Midgard?
  • Ryn: I don’t know.
  • Alissa: And why did you ask me to shoot her?!
  • Ryn: Lili is…
  • Ryn: … Well, I don’t know what exactly she is. But Eldor created her. And now she’s under his command.
  • Alissa: What?!
  • Ryn: I know how that sounds. But it’s true and–
  • Male soldier: Miss Itoriel, Mister Gwalch?
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