Monster 003

Sorry for the late post, but Powree was busy with an urgent extra job.

  • Male soldier: What are you doing here? This is a restricted magic area, and I’m sure you know why.
  • Alissa: We… don’t quite know why we ended up here.
  • Inscription: The blue circle marks the spot where Arathor of Mithra received Gaia’s Tear during the Darkness.
  • Male soldier: Are you alone?
  • Alissa: Looks like it.
  • Male soldier: Where are Lilith Caillean, Salacea Torval and Jael Bara?
  • Alissa: We were hoping you’d know that.
  • Male soldier: What do you think?
  • Female soldier: They seem to be taking us for fools.
  • Male soldier: Miss Itoriel, Mister Gwalch, please follow me. We have a lot of questions, and your answers so far have been… unsatisfactory.
  • Alissa: I don’t like the sound of this.
  • Ryn: We need to speak with the king!
  • Alissa: Ryn!
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