Monster 004

  • Alissa: What’s the point of this? They’ll never–
  • Frederick Trevo: You want us to take you to King Savos? That’s exactly what we were planning to do!
  • Alissa: What?!
  • Frederick Trevo: The king ordered all soldiers to bring any member of Salacea’s group to the castle immediately.
  • Alissa: What does Savos want from us?
  • Frederick Trevo: There’s hope that you may know something about the cause of all these terrible events happening in the last weeks.
  • Frederick Trevo: Too many have died already…
  • Ryn: Creatures died? Why?
  • Frederick Trevo: You really don’t know? Then our hope was probably in vain.
  • Alissa: How do we know that we can trust you?
  • Lydia Yirilanti: Here, take these. You may need them.
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