Monster 005

  • Alissa: Wow, a real “Firegate.” Thank you.
  • Ryn: Need them for what?
  • Frederick Trevo: Thousands of shadow creatures roam Midgard, the largest and fiercest since the Darkness.
  • Lydia Yirilanti: They’re protected by invisibility spells that can only be removed by trained wizards.
  • Frederick Trevo: The Guard’s been able to keep them out of Midgard City so far.
  • Lydia Yirilanti: But many other settlements haven’t been so lucky.
  • Alissa: Is there anything else we need to know?
  • Frederick Trevo: Not right now. If you cooperate, King Savos will surely answer any questions you may have about recent events.
  • Lydia Yirilanti: This way.
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