Monster 016

  • Alissa and Ryn: Your Majesty.
  • King Savos: Arise! The formalities can wait.
  • King Savos: I’m much more interested in getting the answers to all the questions I have.
  • Ryn: What would you like to know?
  • King Savos: For example: What happened to you after you left Silverleaf? Is Jael Bara really the leader of the Shadowdancers? How does one get into the Shadowdancers’ Crystal Fortress?
  • King Savos: And most importantly, where is Lilith Caillean now?
  • Alissa: Excuse me, but I’m not sure if we should tell you all of this without knowing more about your intentions.
  • Faye Galitas: Is my word good enough?
  • Alissa and Ryn: Faye?!
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