Monster 019

  • Caption: A long explanation later.
  • Ryn: … At first I didn’t find anything interesting in the newspaper Amos had given me.
  • Ryn: But then I stumbled upon an obituary for a young wizard named Violet Nightingale who died in Oakdale in 1451, six years before Lilith’s birth.
  • Alissa: Never heard of her.
  • Ryn: She was a prodigy in the field of counterspells, just like Lilith. I found out that she went insane after reading Isaac’s book at the age of 16 and set fire to herself.
  • Ryn: In the newspaper archive, I discovered that there were others before Violet and Lilith. At least a dozen girls with special abilities in the field of magic since the foundation of Oakdale.
  • Ryn: I believe that all of them were conceived in the shadow of the Great Tree during Greendew’s Spring Festival before they spent their youth in Oakdale.
  • Ryn: All of them died an early death. Torn apart by the magical fire burning inside them, killed in magical accidents, murdered by Eldor because they didn’t reach their full potential…
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