Monster 030

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  • Viviana: The innkeeper only wanted to help. <tail> … And now he’s dead. Because of me!
  • Ilias: It was an accident.
  • Viviana: … I’m a murderer.
  • Ilias: You only defended yourself. You’re the Queen of Ileasaar. They had no right to arrest you.
  • Viviana: You’re saying I’m innocent but–
  • Ilias: No, not innocent. You wielded a dangerous weapon that you weren’t able to control.
  • Viviana: The rainbow knife needs to be destroyed! It has claimed too many lives already.
  • Ilias: It’s probably not a good idea to destroy one of the five or six weapons effective against Bhaal’s arch demons.
  • Viviana: But… but how can I…?
  • Viviana: Gaia, why?!
  • Ilias: This is all Eldor’s fault. He’d burn down the world just to get his way.
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