Monster 033

Sometimes I hate myself for writing pages again and again that require spending ages on lettering certain parts. In this case, the two newspaper pages.

  • Viviana: How do I look?
  • Ilias: If I didn’t know it was you, I wouldn’t recognize you.
  • Viviana: Good.
  • Viviana: “… When around a hundred citizens of Aracona had gathered in the warehouse, in which the Shadowdancers wanted to return some of their stolen goods, the hidden bomb was detonated.”
  • Newspaper: Greendew Evening Standard – 3 Flowerall 1476 | Newspaper for the Old Kingdom – Cania looks for scapegoat, finds Shadowdancers – “Aracona Times” publishes forged claim of responsibility by the Shadowdancers … Canian army marches into Greendew … Where are Jael and Salacea?
  • Newspaper: Greendew Evening Standard – 4 Flowerall 1476 | Newspaper for Cania’s province Ileasaar – Shadowdancers threaten further attacks – Several members of terrorist organization arrested … Evidence links Shadowdancers to Midgard … Jael mocks victims in new letter … Experts confirm authenticity
  • Viviana: Dark heavens…
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