Monster 034

I’ve removed Ilias’ mustache. I just didn’t like how it looked.

  • Viviana: This is horrible.
  • Ilias: At least many Ileasaarians don’t seem to believe Eldor’s lies.
  • Viviana: But if it’s all about eternal life, Lili, and the book, why’d he frame me like that?
  • Ilias: Maybe he’s not that thrilled about the idea of an independent Ileasaar.
  • Viviana: No one in Cania will believe us unless we manage to prove Eldor’s guilt!
  • Ilias: Probably.
  • Ilias: What’s in the newspapers for the following days?
  • Viviana: I don’t know. That was the last one.
  • Viviana: Let’s go before someone comes.
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