Monster 040

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  • Alissa: It’s a fake?
  • Kairos Khan: We suspect it, at least, since its aura doesn’t show the properties one would expect from such a powerful magical object.
  • Ryn: When did you learn about this?
  • Kairos Khan: Fogging last year. As far as we know, this particular set of tests had never been carried out before.
  • Alissa: So, does Eldor’s cult now have one, two, or all three shards?
  • King Savos: Two at most.
  • Alissa: What makes you think that?
  • King Savos: Our scouts have been reporting sporadic activities of cult members in the Thunderbolt Stronghold. They probably wouldn’t hang out there if they already owned the shard from the Forbidden Corridor.
  • Ryn: Now what?
  • King Savos: I’ve scheduled an important meeting for later today. You should participate too.
  • San de Vertis: But before that, you should tell us more about these visions Viviana and Lilith had.
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