Monster 041

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  • Ryn: Have any of you ever seen a symbol or a tower like this?
  • Kairos Khan: No, sorry.
  • Kairos Khan: But I’ll send copies of the drawings immediately to all members of the Guard and the Society of Natural Sciences.
  • Alissa: San, I’m a bit surprised that you don’t recognize the triangle symbol.
  • San de Vertis: Why?
  • Alissa: Isn’t the big door in the Crystal Fortress the gateway to a place called Vis? You and King Savos talked about it.
  • King Savos: What– How can you know about that conversation?
  • Alissa: From another of Viviana’s visions.
  • King Savos: But we talked about it in private! When all of you were trapped in Oakdale!
  • Ryn: Magic, duh. So, what’s this Vis thing?
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