Monster 042

I don’t think we’ll be able to update twice next week.

  • King Savos: This is–!
  • San de Vertis: Yes, it’s true. Isaac built the Crystal Fortress and the magic door leads to Vis.
  • Alissa: What’s Vis?
  • San de Vertis: We don’t really know, except for one thing. The Spirit Source must be located there.
  • Alissa: The Source?
  • King Savos: Yes. Isaac mentions it in an encrypted notebook that he wrote during the Darkness. But he made a mistake when encrypting it, so my scientists were able to decipher one page.
  • King Savos: Unfortunately, the content of the page is mostly incomprehensible.
  • San de Vertis: I beg to differ.
  • San de Vertis: It’s clear to me that Isaac cast a spell on the Source when he was in Vis.
  • Kairos Khan: That’s pure speculation!
  • Ryn: Can we have a look at Isaac’s notebook?
  • King Savos: Sure. It’s–
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